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HURST, An American Icon…Since 1958


Matters of the Spring – Hurst Performance Spring Kits

With the release of the new Hurst Stage One spring kits, Hurst engineering has been very busy with the springs of our three new muscle cars. We thought we would take a moment to go over some fundamentals of springs, and also touch briefly on the design...

Corner Weights – The New Hurst Development Vehicles Hit The Scales

Before any development work commenced on the new Hurst Performance development vehicles, each car was carefully baseline measured. Alignment and corner weights are two of the most important fundamentals in car set up for optimum handling. Even though...

Introducing the New Ladies of Hurst

  Here in the Hurst Engineering Department, we have a very exciting and busy year ahead of us. We have just added three late model muscle cars to our fleet, in order to develop a completely new line of Hurst Performance Products. In this, our initial...